It will be fine: Jefferson’s Presidential March

By | October 17, 2013

This is my very first blog for Lewis and Clark Travel and History website. I thought it would be fun to share both the music and the story of the music that will introduce and close my videos. None of the videos are posted yet on YouTube because I am still editing them. They will start going up in a few weeks.
I like the musical group called “Hesperus” which performs regularly at the Smithsonian. I have never had the chance to attend one of the performances, but I have most of their CDs. I thought any music played at Jefferson’s first Inauguration as President of the United States could certainly be called Lewis and Clark music. The Hesperus notes on the Early American Quilt CD said it was also called “Ca Ira.”
It turns out to be a song from the time of the French Revolution, set to the tune of a French contra dance. I have seen contra dances performed at Lewis and Clark re-enactor events, and even danced in them. It’s when two lines of dancers or a square is formed in a group dance. Anyway, it got its name from Benjamin Franklin telling the people of France, “Ca ira, Ca ira,” or “It will be fine, it will be fine,” when asked about the American Revolutionary War. A street singer created a song called “Ca Ira” with lyrics and it became the unofficial anthem of revolutionaries. It’s a cheerful note, isn’t it? Don’t worry, don’t worry, it will be fine, it will be fine. A good thought for me as I start making videos with blogs.
Here is a link to the website.

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