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Meriwether Lewis cover 4-15-14

August, 2015: My new book, Meriwether Lewis: The Assassination of an American Hero and the Silver Mines of Mexico is now out.It has its own website,  It is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and digital editions and at other bookstores.  I am keeping this website so that people who search for me by name will find me. Please visit the other website to stay current. Until I get the hang of all these new procedures, I will focus on the site which is connected to the book.  Eventually I be familiar with managing the different internet communications, but it takes time. Plus it’s summer and I am enjoying not having a writing deadline!

This website features two earlier books, Lewis and Clark Road Trips and The Death of Meriwether Lewis: A Historic Crime Scene Investigation. About the Books will tell you more about them with links to purchasing through Amazon. Autographed copies can be ordered from me through PayPal.

Later, I will  be creating video blogs and posting them on YouTube in order to reach a wider audience.Videos will be available here with related Word Press blogs.  Please subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date. Thank you for your interest and support! I look forward to your suggestions for topics, comments and videos.  It will be easier for us all to connect using these two popular systems and to share our interest in the world of Lewis and Clark.

Kira Gale