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I am the author of Lewis and Clark Road Trips: Exploring the Trail Across America and co-author with James E. Starrs of  The Death of Meriwether Lewis: A Historic Crime Scene Investigation. I am launching this website (which replaces two earlier websites)  to sell remaining copies of the books. Both books are sold on Amazon and through other bookstores. I want to build an audience for American heritage road trip travel and to clear the name of Meriwether Lewis as a suspected suicide. I make the case for Lewis being the victim of political assassination.

Lewis and Clark Road Trips took six years to write, from 2001-2006. The guidebook contains over 800 destinations on the Lewis and Clark Trail that are related to American history 200 years ago. The  Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail of the National Park Service  goes from the St. Louis area to the Pacific Coast. The Road Trips book  extends the trail from the White House to St. Louis, and from St. Louis to New Orleans. Many Native American destinations are included. The book is organized by groups of destinations with travel maps and directions on the opposite facing page.  You can day dream and make travel plans before starting on the trip, and alter them while traveling.

The Death of Meriwether Lewis “New Evidence Edition”  is actually a book in four parts. It came together in an odd way.  I knew there had been an official Coroner’s Inquest in Lewis County, Tennessee in 1996 regarding the mysterious death of Meriwether Lewis. It was national news. When I learned there was a copy of the inquest transcript available, I contacted Jim Starrs, Professor of Forensic Sciences and  Law at George Washington University in Washington, D C.  Professor Starrs organized the inquest in the Tennessee county where the Meriwether Lewis National Monument and Gravesite is located,  and recruited some  of the most prominent  names in American forensic sciences to testify at the inquest,   regarding the question as to whether the exhumation of Lewis’s remains might yield evidence of murder or suicide.  The coroner’s jury requested an exhumation, but permission was denied by the Department of Interior which administers the monument and gravesite.  Over 200 collateral descendants of Meriwether Lewis have petitioned the government to allow an exhumation, and were also denied their request. They are continuing in their efforts to obtain an exhumation.

Starrs asked me to supply additional material for the book. I selected twenty historical documents  relating to Lewis’s death, and provided commentary for them. I also wrote an 85 page narrative of who I thought assassinated him and why.  This became the original edition, published in 2009 on the 200th anniversary of Lewis’s  death. I appeared on C-Span Book TV and Brad Meltzer’s History Decoded Series on the History Channel. The first edition sold out. Then Tony Turnbow, a Tennessee lawyer, made a breakthrough discovery proving that  much of the evidence related to Lewis’s death was false. In 2012, the  “New Evidence Edition” was published. The second edition also contains new evidence of competing conspiracies that were occurring at the time of Lewis’s death in 1809.

I believe both books will increase in value as collector’s items. You can order autographed copies,  inscribed by me, through PayPal.  I am posting videos on YouTube, blogging on this site and sending out email newsletters.  Videos are new to me, but the earlier websites had blogs and a newsletter. I am glad to be back in business, with the goal of selling the remaining books so that I can move forward. I have new projects underway related to both topics. Please buy the books and subscribe to the newsletter.

Kira Gale

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